5 Father's Day Gift Ideas for Your Fly Fisherman

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Father's day is coming up and your partner is not giving you any hints to what they would like. I mean I feel like this is my wife's frustration with me whenever holidays come around. If your father, dad, or husband is a fly fisher then here are five gift ideas that they may like.

Fly Boxes

Fly boxes are always a welcomed gift for all fly anglers. We always feel like we need one because we always find ourselves tying more flies and/or buying more flies. It's honestly a curse. The great thing about fly boxes as gifts is that they range in a variety of price, size, and quality. You could go on the cheaper side if your budget is tight and get a decent fly box for a decent price. If you want to make it more memorable and have a handmade wooden fly box and have their name engraved on it for a little more then that is an option as well.

Here are some places to check to get some ideas flowing.

Price: Depending on the box $25.00 up.

Links to get you started:

Snake River Net Company

Fly Boxes on Orvis

Courtesy of The Snake River Net Company

Rod Holder

Rod holders are useful when getting ready to head out to the river, or while wading. I use one while I am wading. I keep int on my waist and makes it a place to put my rod when I am putting a new fly on or when I am taking a fly out of a fish. I use the O'Pros rod holder. It is a fair price and has helped me in a pinch multiple times. It is light weight and you can rotate it to change the angle at which your rod his being held.

Courtesy of O'Pros Apparel and Gear ; https://oprosgear.com/products/3rd-hand-rod-holder

Price: $24.99 before shipping. Link: O'Pros Rod Holder

Fly Fishing Lanyard

When it comes to fly anglers we are all about convenience and practicality with our gear. At least I am. If it helps me stay on the river longer and makes catching fish more efficient then I am all about it. A piece of gear that helps with this is a fly fishing lanyard. This is a necklace or something that is worn around the neck. It has different places on it that can hold different types of gear necessary to fly fishing like nippers, forceps, floatant, as well as other things that we need easy and quick access to. These can range in price but they start off relatively affordable.

Price: Starting at $25.00 and up

Link to get you started: Fishing Lanyards

Fly Fishing Books

Fly fishers are always willing to read books about fly fishing. Whether it is teaching new techniques or fly fishing stories in Alaska, we are always looking for an excuse to keep our minds on fly fishing. One of the books I am currently reading is called Tactical Fly Fishing by Devin Olsen. Devin Olsen is a member of the U.S.A fly fishing team and has some great insight and tactics that he shares to help any fly angler improve their tactics to be more successful. And what makes it better is he shares stories of his fishing competitions to help get an idea across to the reader which is always cool to read about.

Price: Varies but usually starts around $25.00 and can get up to $30.00 to $40.00

Links to get you started: Fly fishing books


Any angler, fly or conventional, needs a net to make it easier to land a fish. Nets are kind of like fly boxes when it comes to options that are available. They can range from a variety of sizes, types, and quality. You can get just an affordable one, because lets be honest it will get beat up and it's used land fish, or you could spend a pretty penny for a unique handmade wooden net that has your anglers name etched into it. Some even come with ways to measure the length of the fish. Like I said lots of variety and options so it should make it easy on you and your budget.

This is my net, well one of my many, that I have. It is from Snake River Net Company based out of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Price: $25.00 and up depending on the type and how it is made.

Links to get your started: Fly fishing nets ; Snake river net company

It can be challenging and, let's be honest, annoying at times to find a gift for the special people in our lives. If they are fly fishers then I hope this helps narrow some ideas down and takes out the stress of finding your fly fisher some gifts for Father's Day. If you have any questions feel free to ask me or get in touch. I would be happy to help.

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