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My 2020 fishing goals. Yes I know its already May.

Yes, yes it is already May. Nevertheless, it is not too late to make goals and strive to achieve them within the current year. With the pandemic going on it has given me time to think more and understand what I would like to accomplish in the the realm of improving my fly fishing this year.

My goals: Finish out the year only fly fishing

Fish two alpine lakes

Fish two new alpine rivers/or streams

Fly fish Yellowstone and Grand Teton national park

Fish Alaska (depends on the pandemic situation)

Finish out the year only fly fishing. When I decided to start fly fishing I really wanted to challenge myself. So, I decided to only fish with a fly rod or a fly fishing type of rod, Tenkara rod. It was hard at first as I was learning how to fly fish, to not just pick up the spinning set and fish with that. I figured if I were to do that I would never really commit myself to learning how to fly fish. As I continued fly fishing I started to be more successful and was enjoying it more. So I want to continue my learning of fly fishing by not putting down the fly rod.

Fish two Alpine Lakes. Alpine lakes have always been a dream of mine to fish. There is something about heading to a secluded mountain lake that does not get too much fishing pressure. I understand that when it comes to fly fishing still water there are different flies that one should have in their fly rod. These include: chronomids (midges), mayflies, caddisflies, damselflies, dragonflies, waterboatman, backswimmers, scuds, leeches, snails, and forage fish. So I am excited to not only explore Idaho for some good fishing alpine lates but to also tie these flies and test them out on the lakes.

Fish two new alpine rivers/or streams. This goal is meant to push me outside of my comfort zone of river systems I am use to fishing. I am worried that I am starting to get too comfortable with rivers and fishing spots that I am too familiar with. I like a challenge and the idea of exploring the surrounding area to find new spots is exciting to me. This goal is meant to challenge me to learn more about fly fishing and the surrounding areas of Idaho.

Fish two new small mountain tributaries. You might be noticing a trend. I love being in the mountains and exploring them. Any excuse to get into the mountains, I take it. I have heard of some tributaries that would be a great place to fish in late Summer or even in Autumn. My goal is to get in these tributaries that are hopefully not fished too much which hopefully Makes it an exciting place to fish.

Fly fish Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. I love both of these parks. And thankfully these parks are pretty close to me. So, I am trying to plan a trip to the Two parks this Fall or Summer. Obviously this depends if the parks open after this Coronavirus scare. I want to do a camping trip in each park and spend a day fishing in each park. It will be a quick trip but I hope to make it well worth it in terms of fishing.

Fish Alaska (depends on the pandemic situation). I have been planning a trip since last year to make a drive to Alaska and fly fish some of the beautiful areas that Alaska has to offer. It will be a long trip, two weeks including driving. It will also be exciting to see the different natural beauties that Canada has. Right now it is on the back burner because currently the country boarders are closed to non-essential travel. If the borders continue to be closed throughout the summer than I will plan something else. Most likely a road trip in Idaho or the surrounding states, if it will be okay to do.

I feel like these goals are going to push me to challenge myself this year and help me improve my fishing skills. I plan on making videos to go along with each goal. So feel free to follow me this year to accomplish each goal. I challenge you to do the same. If there is something you have wanted to or improve in, it's not too late. Set some goals that you know you can achieve and get to it. You might be surprised what you will be able to accomplish by the end of the year.

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