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Need to fix your broken fishing rod? Try The Fly Rod Company

It happens to every angler. Whether you are a fly fisher or a spin fisher, a broken rod can topple even the greatest ego and best any experienced angler's confidence on the water. If the rod breaks around fishing friends, they will never let you forget about it.

Having been fishing for a while now I have broken many rods. And usually when this happens it means you are going to have to pack things up, head into your local outfitter and either take advantage of the warranty or cough up the money to buy a new rod. So when I broke my Euro Nymphing rod on a hook set, I wanted to go about it differently. I did take it back to Cabela's but the warranty was already up. So I searched google for rod repair options in my area. Thankfully, I live in a state that has people who know of someone or who know how to fix a fishing rod. This is how I met John Rivera of The Fly Rod Company.

The Fly Rod Company is fishing rod, fly fishing focused, company based out of Idaho Falls, ID. John does not only design and build custom fishing rods, He is also a FFI Fly casting instructor. He has many years of fly fishing experience under his belt and specializes in designing and building bamboo fly rods. His wife, Fabia, is also well experienced in fly fishing and helps him with rod repair and and casting instruction as well. They have volunteered time with organizations like project healing waters and other fishing based organization. Between the both of them there is a fountain of knowledge and experience that makes their company that much more qualified.

I got in contact with John and within that same day we were setting up a meeting time to not only see what my rod would need but to talk to me about a bamboo rod that my wife inherited from her grandfather. We spent an hour talking, honestly the majority of that was sharing fishing stories and knowledge, on his part. When it came to my broken rod he was clear with what he would do and how it would effect the rod in the long run. He told me the price and a time period of how long it would take. I had the feeling though if I needed it sooner he would have made the effort to get it done in time. He wanted to helped me as much as he could get me back out on the river and put a bend in my rod that wouldn't break again.

John is a great guy and is someone who puts a lot of effort and care into his work. Whether it is his custom rod building kits or fixing a broken euro nymphing rod, he makes sure the the rod will last even longer to allow you to get back on the river and stay there as long as you can. I know for sure he will be the first one I will go to with not only a broken rod *knock on wood* but also for a future custom rod build.

All in all if you want to save money and keep your rod slinging flies for a long time The Fly Rod Company is where you should head first. If you are out of state he will talk to you on the phone and/or email. He will mail the finished repair or custom rod to you. Don't waste more money buying a new rod put it towards a good business run by fellow anglers. Below is the company's contact outlets. If you cannot tell already I highly recommend The Fly Rod Company.




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