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Regrets on the River: How to Make Friends With Other Anglers

As I have immersed myself in the world of angling and hunting I have come to understand that there are many unwritten rules that most anglers and hunters follow, and expect others to follow. For example: When coming up to a spot on the river to fish I find that there is already another angler there fishing. I am not going to go up to him and ask him to move or start fishing close to him up or down stream. From one angler to another we respect each others fishing space and if we want the spot we wait or try another time. This rule seems like it was created out of common self respect to others on the river. Sometimes though these unwritten rules can get in the way of stretching ourselves to learn or even meeting new anglers and learning from them.

Now, as I mentioned before. There are some unwritten rules that are common sense or just river etiquette, which some are not meant to be broken or overlooked. There is one though that I feel needs to be ignored a little more. This one being, not talking or sharing knowledge with other anglers that are fishing on the river. I say this because this is the thing I regret. Not willing to be more open and sharing with knowledge or even flies.

I am say this because this is something that I am working on and trying to be better. So if you find yourself in this predicament here are some tips and things I learned that might help you be more pleasant and make your fishing experience that much better.


Don't lie and tell them the wrong thing or give people the wrong knowledge. Being honest can go a long way. I feel like it can pay off in the long run. Its probably happened to every person who hunts or fishes. We run into someone just getting out on the river and they ask how it was or where we were getting bites. When this happens I try and be honest and share what I have been using and where I have been using it. I try and be an open book willing to help out a fellow angler. This has helped me not only meet new people but also people have been willing to share with me what they know about the fishing in that area and what they have been using.


If someone asks you what you are using it's okay to tell them. It wont hurt anything. In fact since I tie my own flies I find that it is easier to just give a few of them out of someone asks what fly I am using. This is usually a good ice breaker and can help you not only share your flies but can help you meet potential new fishing friends.

Use social media

Don't be afraid to share your success and share your knowledge of fishing areas with others looking for help or advice. There are many resources that allow this. The main one being Facebook. Join a local group or page where people show off their fish as well as give advice to others on areas and tackle to use. As you share your pictures or stories more people will encourage you and be excited to see your next post.

As you stretch yourself and grow in the new hobby of fishing, be willing to be open to help others and share your knowledge and skills. Be willing to talk it up with other anglers on the water and give advice as well as be willing to take it. You will find as you do this you will go home, even on a skunked day, and have no regrets.

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