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Review of the Simms Waterproof Wader Pouch. Is It Worth It?

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Fishing accessories are a big deal when it comes to any type of fishing. They are marketed to help improve and make our fishing experience more relaxing and easier. We are told as anglers that if we just have this new or next accessory to add to our collection we will be enjoying our time on the water and able to devote more time to fishing with less worries. I feel that the most fishing gear companies are good at convincing most anglers that they need more accessories. I mean lets admit it, we are not a hard bunch to convince when it involves fishing and how to make our time on the water well spent.

Simms is one of those companies that always finds it easy to convince me. And to be honest I fell for it. So hopefully you can learn from my mistake and spend your hard earned money somewhere else and be happier. I am specifically going to be talking about the three issues I feel made the Waterproof Wader Pouch that Simms makes a waste of time and should be avoided.

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The Price

I know most you are probably thinking, "It's Simms, its going to be pricey." Yes I completely agree. Most of the famous and well known fishing outfitters your are paying an extra amount just for the name on the product. In this case I decided to bite the bullet and pay the $45.00 , including shipping and handling, because I was a little desperate to have something to keep my phone and keys while I fished. With the price of $40.00 the material is good and the pouch is made well. The pouch is made specifically for the phone so you can use your touch screen phone without taking it out of the pouch. Which initially sounds fine but ends up being useless in the end for my third reason. In the end my point about the price is that it is that the Waterproof Wader Pouch is made well but maybe not $40.00 well. I definitely feel that the extra ten dollars or so is having the Simms brand and logo on it.

The Zip lock Closure

This is a point that bugs me the most. A company like Simms that has years of fishing and even specifically fly fishing knowledge under their belt you think they would get this. The closure for the pouch is a zip lock closure. I found this odd at first because I know that Simms has waders that have waterproof zippers on pockets. It just makes sense that you would use these on a a Waterproof Wader Pouch. I looked pas this initially when I found that it was relatively easy to close with two hands. I found that to be one issue with the closure on the river. I rarely have two hands free to close the pouch. When I have two hands free it is with my fly rod tucked into my armpit. So I find myself fiddling around to close the pouch with one hand, which anyone who has closed zip lock anything it is a pain, especially if it is a thick zip lock close. I found that this made the closure incomplete, not making it waterproof, and took more time to make it a water tight closure than it would have with a waterproof zipper.

Another thing to add about the closure is that due to where it was attached on the waders, in order to make a full complete closure you would have to remove the pouch to make sure this happens. When closing it while attached to the waders the waders actually get in the way of closing the zip lock closure completely, thereby making it even more tedious to close the pouch to make it waterproof. This could have all been solved with a waterproof zipper.

This is to show how the pouch attaches to the waders.

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No Need for a Clear Screen

The pouch has one clear side. This is so you can keep you phone in the pouch and use your touch screen with out taking your phone out of the pouch. Sounds convenient at first but think about all the times when you are playing games on your phone while fishing on the river, for me that is never. I find myself taking the phone out of the pouch to take pictures, answering phone calls, and checking and replying to texts. Yes, admittedly you could probably leave the phone in the pouch to answer texts. My argument against that is that the phone fits laterally into the pouch not vertically, so unless you can type well with one hand or fingers then great but if you want to type on your phone like you are use to with out removing the phone you will have to remove the pouch from the waders to type of two hands.

If you wanted to make a pouch to keep your phone safe from water while fishing but also be able to use it to at least take photos it would be a completely clear pouch. Which again might be difficult to take pictures while attached to the waders. Personally the pouch should have just been a solid waterproof pouch. No gimmicky touch screen capability for the pouch. I feel like the touch screen capability that the pouch offers was a way to sell a poorly designed waterproof wader pouch.


The Simms Waterproof Wader Pouch is not one of the fishing accessories that has made my time on the water more enjoyable and productive. I often find myself fiddling with the zip lock closure, taking my phone out constantly to take pictures and respond to text. And the price in the end does not make it worth your hard earned money to invest in. I feel like there are better options out there for an angler.

Other options might be to keep a dry bag on you. I keep a small one attached to the outside of my fishing backpack. Yes it takes more time to get my phone out to take pictures but it is quick and easy. An added benefit to that is that I do not feel or hear my phone going off as much in the dry bag. May be a benefit to me but not when I get home and have to explain to my wife why I didn't answer.

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